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All Things Andy Monday

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All Things Andy Monday

Hi there!

Welcome to this week’s “All Things Andy Monday,” new things in the Andy universe, and a few things I’ve found that might get you charged up for a great week!

New at Entertainment Ave!

A movie review of “7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story”

  • … Eventually Chris finds love with Emily, and we get to what would lead to Chris becoming a national news story – He wanted to walk across the stage at his college graduation.”

New at Songs By Andy

“Hankerin’ for a Donut”

  • …I saw someone mention the donut shop I used to visit regularly on Reddit. It really made me want to stop for a donut. I let my car decide.

My car decided I shouldn’t get a donut. ?…


New on My Flickr Page

“Boxwood in Snow”

  • … In the stillness of the morning, one Boxwood branch tries to stay above the snow. …

Still Have Snow and a Hill?

Just a Thought

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