Now I’m…

  • … updating my Make Me Smile app!
    – This project is taking a while as I’m also learning SwiftUI in the process.
  • … wishing I didn’t live in the Midwest of the United States.
    – Winter was calm until about three weeks ago. The brutal cold and constant snow almost has me ready to finally try to convince my wife to move somewhere warmer.
  • … learning to play guitar.
    – I wish my ring finger was longer so the C chord was easier to master.
  • … enjoying the smell of Hinoki.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers. His “Now” project also harkens me back to the days of bulletin boards with footers of “I’m listening to:” and “I’m watching:, so …”

I’m listening to:
Amanda Shires

I’m watching:
Baking shows on Netflix

I’m reading:
The Practice: Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin

I’m Andy Labis. The cute thing around my neck is our dog, Milo. I sing dorky songs to my wife each morning before I go to work, and then I post some of them on YouTube. I’m also a writer, photographer, and iPhone app developer. For good measure I also pretend I’m a Senior Accountant.

As many a life has done, mine has taken many twists and turns, but thankfully I’ve found a wonderful woman to share my life with. I also have been blessed to have various outlets to share things I enjoy.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy exploring my universe!