Welcome to All Things Andy

This is just a quick first blog post to set up the purpose of what I’m working for with this website.

For the longest time I’ve had a lot of places for people to find me. Entertainment Ave! was my first website, and while not as updated as often as I would like right now, it’s still my first baby with entertainment reviews.

I’ve also have websites of Mostly Entertainment and Inspire My Awesome, both with articles I like to write as well as a fun app at Inspire My Awesome.

Then there are the other projects, Songs By Andy, my Flickr page for my photos, and Make Me Smile, the first iPhone app I ever made.

It was always hard to tell people where to go to find out what I do.

So I am creating this site, All Things Andy.

Now, when people say, “Where can I find you?”, I can just send them here, allthingsandy.com.

Right now I’m hoping to use it as a summary of new things I post, and in the future, who knows?

So, welcome to my universe. Feel free to explore!